David Mostue-Nesbit grew up on Dunbar Farms and spent the last ten years managing the operation and pushing the farm into a new era of crop diversification and retail sales. He has amassed a significant base of knowledge about a wide variety of crops and the machinery, irrigation, and technical systems needed to efficiently produce those crops. Hire David to help you with your new or existing operation as you expand, install, or improve your infrastructure.

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Farm Equipment Repair / Refurbishment

Years of pushing new ground in the types and methods of producing a wide variety of crops has provided David with a deep understanding of machinery, infrastructure, tools, maintenance, and repair of just about anything. If you have a tricky piece of machinery to operate or an older tool in disrepair, we can probably get it back up and running! 

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Custom Machining

Parts for farm equipment and many other tools are often expensive, hard to find or often just simply unavailable. We have a machine shop for refurbishing or machining parts from scratch for our own equipment and years of experience in repairs. David has designed and machined the parts needed to build or repair flour sifters, grain augers, seed cleaners, tractor implements and myriads of other complicated and interesting projects. Bring us your worn, loose, or broken parts and we can make them run like new!

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Custom Fabrication

The design and fabrication of countless projects at Dunbar Farms has resulted in David having keen eye for what tools, equipment, and infrastructure can streamline production, raise your efficiency and make your work environment safer or more fun. We like to build our way out of problems. From grain hoppers on casters to rolling shop tables to wood-fired pizza ovens and everything in between we’ve built our way to an environment of our liking. Let us do the same for you. 

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Custom Farming Services

Looking to establish a new crop or work up ground, but missing the equipment or a tractor big enough to run it? We may be able to help.

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Combine Harvesting & Seed Cleaning

With the implements needed to grow, harvest, and process hay, grain, seed crops, produce, wine grapes, dry beans and dry corn we likely have the tools to help you plant, harvest, clean and/or mill your grain or seed crop.

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Grain Seed & Cover Crop Seed

David has procured an interesting variety of grains and staple crops which we not only sell for food but select seed from for our own plantings. Our seed and grain stands have gradually improved over the years. We also grow, harvest and reseed all of our farm’s winter cover crop, mix of small grains and vetch. It you are interested in planting grains, staples or winter cover crop drop us a line and we may be able to supply you with seed.

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Hay & Straw

Dunbar Farms produces organically grown hay and straw (from our grain plantings) which we sell direct to farmers, ranchers, straw bale home builders and gardeners for mulch use. Contact us to learn more.

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Design Work

David has a background in architecture and has designed (as well as built) many of the buildings at Dunbar Farms, including our farm stand/tasting room/event space. He has designed everything from houses, to flour milling and grain handling buildings, to wood-fired pizza ovens, a truck camper unit, rolling tool boxes for the shop, and a farmer’s market retail sales trailer. He brings a particular eye for how to develop buildable designs and likes to work directly with other builders and fabricators to develop designs that are not only beautiful and functional but efficient and easy to build.

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