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We are not sure exactly what produce we will be offering until Tuesday morning of any given week. We'd hate to have you order something and not have it available, or for you to miss out on something that has recently ripened.

You can also sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of this page. We’ll send you an email each week when the order form is open as well as information about special events that we are hosting at the farm.

Alternatively, you can come by our Honor Barn Farm Stand any day of the week from sunup-10PM to help yourself to our products. The selection isn’t always as extensive or as up-to-date as that available for pickup but we do keep it well stocked with everything from frozen bread to baking mixes, freshly milled flour, beans, popcorn as well as a wide variety of produce.


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Pickup Location and Honor Barn Farm Stand

Pickup FAQs

How Do I Order?

You already found the right spot! Just select what and how many of the products you'd like and click "Place Order". Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of most of our other web pages and we'll send you a reminder each week when the order form is ready.

When Do I Pick Up?

Once we have prepared your order, we will notify you that your bag is ready for pickup in the fridge at the Honor Barn. Please allow 1-3 days for processing. 

Where Do I Pick Up?

2881 Hillcrest Rd, Medford, OR 97504

Click the Pickup Location text just above the FAQs and a map will open.

How Do I Pay?

Pay at checkout on our website. Alternately, you may pay at the Honor Barn Farm Stand where we take cash or check. 

Where Are Your Products Grown?

All products including vegetables, fruits, grains, wine, seed, hay and straw are grown by Dunbar Farms unless noted otherwise.

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